BRS MYP Experience Event

MYP refers to Middle Years Program in IB.

▲MYP Program Model
BRS launched a series of experience activities for the students during September 1 and 2, 2016.Nearly 100 students from Grade 7 were grouped into four teams and led by either Chinese or foreign instructors respectively. The unique features of MYP, such as cultivating students’ ability of inquiry, reflection and communication, have been presented to the students through a variety of experience activities in different forms.


▲Teacher-students interaction during the class
Some team studied the IB learner’s aim in the classroom. The students made inquiries and discussions following the instructors’s explanation. They feel that the class is no longer teacher-centered, instead their own thoughts and opinions are appreciated. According to MYP program model, active inquiries, positive thinking and self-expressions are thought to be the first step to students’ success.


▲Students’ works
During the outdoor activity -Scavenger Hunt, the students are trained both intellectually and physically. In order to accomplish the task, all the team members have to communicate with each other effectively in the spirit of teamwork and brave struggle. The MYP model aims to help the students become a whole-person who is good at communication and willing to try.


▲The Scavenger Hunt
Following the experience activities, a meeting was hosted by a group of leaders, including the principal of BRS Middle school, head of IB center, MYP coordinators and the leader of grade 7. During the meeting, the students and parents were presented with the aim and concept of this experience event. Meanwhile, the students’s excellent performances were highly evaluated.


▲MYP Introduction



Both the students and the parents showed their great interest in MYP program. After the meeting, the students showed their works in the experience activities to their parents..Many parents were amazed by their children’s acute and imaginative inner world and extended their gratefulness and support to the teachers who organized this event.


The two-day MYP experience event came to a successful end,but there are still more questions remained to be solved: How to further implement the teaching concept of IB in teaching practice? How to fully tap the potentials of students and equip them with international-mindedness in order to enable them to stand out in a globalizing world? In order to fulfill these goals, schools, teachers, students, parents and the whole society have to work together.