The Excellent Open Music Class by the Foreign Teacher from the Music Department

Music Teacher Ethan who graduated from the University of Northern Colorado, is a vocal teaching intern. Although this is the first time he has interned in China, he gets along with students very well. In this open class, he worked with the students from Grade Four, Class Five using easy-to-understand language to explain the features of major and minor in music clearly. He made students very excited to study playing the piano and the pianica. Many teachers observed this class, which was a great combination and synthesis of western and eastern teaching philosophies.

He designed his class into different sections:

1:Listen to excerpts of pieces that are major and minor, distinguish them

2:Practice using solfege hand signs

3:Explain concept of “me” versus “mi” in written form

4:Create short composition in groups choosing a major or minor scale

5:Use quarter, half, and eighth notes for two measures.

What a great energetic and international class!