Those Elementary School Students Who Play Rock Music Are COOL!

There is a really cool interest class in BRFLS! This is our electronic band! Their performances can attract a lot of fans eveytime they play.

Under Music Teacher Wang’s guidance, more and more excellent music players have been cultivated here.

At the beginning, several students had zero experience with musical instruments. Teacher Wang gave them a special training.

Whenever it is time for the school’s artistic performances, the band shines splendidly..? In this June, the band performed a song “Youth has no end”, which was liked by all the students who watched this performance. Students used passion, persistence, longing, and love to brighten their future road.

Lead singer:6·3 Li Ao

guitarist:6·2 Cao Jiajun? 5·1 Li Zekun

Bassist:4·3 Zheng Xianze

Keyboardist:5·1 Xu Peishan

Drummer:6·1 Liu Xiaoqi

Saxophone Player:6·3 Liu Mingqi